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"NASA" is working on "sonication" of space... Video

“NASA” is working on “sonication” of space… Video


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The absence of air particles in outer space prevents the transmission of sounds in its surroundings, but the US space agency “NASA” was able to turn amazing images of space into wonderful music.

The Chandra X-ray Observatory, affiliated with NASA, worked on the “sonication” project of outer space, which is based on Convert images and charts to audioIt was also reported by Futurism.

To achieve this, the researchers used a program that processes images and converts visual data into sound information, with red light producing the lowest tones, while blue and violet produce the higher tones.

Experts processed the image of the “Tycho” supernova from the center moving outward, and turned the different colors around the supernova into different tones, while the brightness of the image determined how high or low the tones were.

The project took another approach to space sonication, when it managed to process the data of the Hubble and Chandra telescopes in the Westerland region, as they worked to transmit sound from left to right across the constellation of stars.

The project represented the Hubble data with strings, while the Chandra data was represented by bells, and experts determined the pitch of the tones by their vertical position on the image.

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