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ناسا تطلق صاروخ لدراسة الأشعة السينية فى الفضاء

NASA launches a rocket to study X-rays in space

The space X-ray image may become clearer soon, as NASA launched a suborbital Black Brant IX rocket topped by the Diffuse X-rays experiment, as it launched from NASA’s Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia at midnight EDT (0500) GMT).

According to the American “Space” website, the DXL missile is designed to collect data about X-rays, which are not as active as those used by doctors to image bones but can cause high disturbances in the Earth’s atmosphere that interfere with radio communications and the Global Positioning System (GPS). .

“Very low-energy diffuse X-rays from space are believed to come from two sources,” Massimiliano Galeazzi, principal investigator for the DXL mission from the University of Miami, said in a NASA statement.

“The first source is outside our solar system and is generated by the remnants of multiple supernova explosions that form what is now called the local hot bubble region in our galaxy,” Galiazzi added.

The researcher explained, “The second source is within the solar system and is generated by the solar wind charge exchange, and DXL seeks to gain a better understanding of the nature and properties of these sources.”

The DXL payload reached a maximum altitude of 166 miles (267 kilometers) during Sunday’s flight and collected good data, NASA said in an update to the same statement.

The launch was the fourth in a series of suborbital DXL missions, and perhaps the first, in 2012, it showed that only 40% of the soft X-ray background originates in our solar system.

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The latest launch was visible to sky watchers under clear skies throughout the mid-Atlantic region.