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NASA plans to explore the desert waters in cooperation with the Qatar Foundation

NASA plans to explore the desert waters in cooperation with the Qatar Foundation

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Suleiman Haj Ibrahim

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Doha – Al Quds Al Arabi: The US space agency (NASA) plans to explore the desert waters as part of a pioneering project to take advantage of this resource, which is considered a future revolution in the economic field, and its size is estimated at about $500 billion. The project comes as part of a plan that NASA is working on in cooperation with the Qatar Foundation for Education and Science to develop capabilities in this vital field. This came in a statement to Shelley Brunswick, CEO of the American Space Corporation, to the Qatari newspaper, Lusail.
The US official stressed that the partnership agreement between NASA and the Qatar Foundation to explore waters in the desert facilitates the challenges facing people on Earth, noting that Qatar has good opportunities in the space economy, which is currently estimated at about $447 billion. As in 2020, it is expected to exceed more than a trillion dollars by 2030.” Brunswick said: “I see that Qatar can decide the role that it can play in this field, and in the United States, for example, more than 80 percent is for the commercial sector, and when you think about the economy $447 billion in products, services, entrepreneurship, and innovation jobs. She added, “This is one of the areas that Qatar and any other country can follow, and there are other opportunities in which countries can choose to enter and develop space technology, and become one of the pioneers, for the world to benefit from, and this technology may be data analysis in health care, manufacturing or virtual reality.” Or robots, so for Qatar, the sky is not the ultimate ambition.”
She revealed that Qatar plays several roles, one of which is space exploration, and it already has an important partnership with (NASA) in the field of aquifer research, which is one of the areas that it already has a partnership to do planetary research. She explained that Qatar has benefited from space technology and transformed it into opportunities for entrepreneurship.
Regarding the partnership between NASA and the Qatar Foundation, the CEO of the American Space Foundation stated that this partnership is in the field of aquifers and in knowing the speed of their renewal or depletion, adding that “there is a great opportunity for satellite observation of aquifers, and once information is obtained. We can make the decision and this is a great opportunity for partnership and finding ways to facilitate the difficulties we face on the ground.”
In her speech, she revealed that there are many opportunities and patents at NASA and the European Space Foundation, waiting for entrepreneurs to convert them into commercial products and services for people to benefit from, explaining that space technology has contributed to alleviating the burdens of the Covid-19 pandemic through technological innovations in The field of health care, teleconferencing and others, noting that these technologies were designed in the space era and have been converted for commercial use.
And about the transformation of competition towards space into an arms race between countries, especially since there are more than 85 countries operating in space, Brunswick stressed that there are two ways to look at competition in space, which is the competition between two countries as it was in the past between the United States and the Soviet Union, or healthy competition in The business-to-business space is like what happens between SpaceX, Blue Oregon and Virgin Galactic, then we’ll have new ideas and new innovation opportunities like SpaceX’s creation of a reusable launch vehicle that lowers launch costs. Making it easier to launch satellites, then competition in the global economy is good.
Regarding space tourism, Shelley Brunswick considered that there are great opportunities in the space ecosystem and space tourism, saying, “There are still some risks to travel through space compared to traveling by plane, but the great opportunity is due to encouraging young people to pursue space careers. As for the public, I do not think that It will be available soon, but it will take some time because of the high cost.”

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