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NASA preferred Muskov SpaceX over Blue Origin for the trip to MSc. Mission fully completed for 2024 business

Washington For its five missions to the Master of Science, which could take place in 2024, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has chosen SpaceX entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk to produce the Lunar Pistol Module. He stated this in a statement on Saturday and decided to justify, among other things, the financial aspects. MSN Mission wants to do business regularly.

First, the Washington Post reported that SpaceX had won a $ 2.9 billion (62.8 billion Kelvin) contract with NASA. SpaceX defeated Blue Origin’s rival Jeff Bezos and Leidos’ affiliate Dynetics.

It’s one in an exciting set of steps that will lead us to a sustainable people-to-people piston system at Msci, said Cathy Ludersoff, NASA’s leader in spaceflight.

The new paradigm

Last year, NASA awarded these companies $ 967 million and 10 contracts to start work on lunar rover samples under the Human Landing Systems, or HLS, program.

SpaceX had the lowest number – only $ 135 million. According to the CNBC server, NASA was expected to choose two of these darks. The fact that the choice fell only to SpaceX, surprised CNBC, because it was important for the agency to keep the program competitive.

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