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NASA resolves the controversy and reveals the fact that life exists in space (photos)

There has been some speculation in recent days about some of the images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars.

And according to the British newspaper “Metro”, a picture of the pictures published by NASA, taken on the day of Mars on Earth, showed a row of forky protrusions, which led to the spread of a number of guesses outside this world regarding its origin and the existence of previous life on the surface of Mars, where he said. Some are the carcass of a mackerel or a spruce branch, the skeleton of a prehistoric creature, or the coiled back of a fossilized Martian dragon.

life on Mars

Commenting on one of the photos, astrobiologist Nathalie Cabrol said: “In 20 years of studying Mars this was the strangest rock I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to get a microscope of this image.”

Andrew Judd of NASA said: The simplest explanation for many strange images taken on Mars like this one is that billions of years ago, when water flowed on Mars, some of that water seeped through rocks, bringing harder minerals along with it.

He added that these minerals settled in the rock and were exposed after eons of sand that was lifted by the wind and cut away in the soft rocks surrounding it, noting that it is certainly unique, but it is just a rock.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Curiosity’s ChemCam has captured a strange image. In February 2022, it captured a photo of a fossilized Martian flower made in the ancient past when water-borne minerals anchored rocks.

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White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre indicated, earlier, that there is no indication of alien activities on Earth, after the US military shot down a group of flying objects.

She added: I know there are questions and concerns about this, but there is no indication of (the presence of) aliens or alien activity with the recent projections.

And she continued: The White House does not know whether the flying objects are carrying out a spying mission, stressing that it was important for the White House to answer in this regard.

Mysterious flying objects

In February, US officials reported that a second UFO had been dropped over a lake Huron In Michigan, according to breaking news on the “Sky News” news network.

A few days earlier, the White House announced that the US military had shot down an object that was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet in the territorial waters of the United States over Alaska.

The White House said the United States is looking forward to picking up debris of the UFO, which is much smaller than the downed Chinese airship.

He added that there is no indication that the flying object can maneuver, and Washington does not know which country it belongs to.

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