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NASA warns of China’s capabilities in the “moon race”. The goals are suspicious

Nelson said in an interview with the American “Politico” website, that there are fears of control China On the most resource-rich site on the surface Moon.

He added, “We are in a space race. It is true that we are doing better than them in the field of scientific research, but it is possible that they will precede the United States to the moon, and tell us this is our land.”

He continued, “China has achieved in the field of The space During the past decade, great successes have been achieved, and the date of their landing on the moon is getting closer and closer.

Nelson stressed the need forNASAIt has enough funding to carry out all the projects that put it at the forefront when it comes to the “space race”.

The former astronaut expressed his confidence that the United States’ efforts to return to the moon are proceeding according to plan, referring to congressional funding for the “Artemis” program.

This week, Congress approved $24.5 billion in funding for NASA in fiscal year 2023, about half a billion dollars less than the president requested. Joe Biden.

Nelson expressed optimism that the “Artemis 2” mission will achieve its goal of sending a crew to orbit the moon by 2024.

Is it possible to own the moon?

  • Many wonder about ownership planets And celestial bodies, in addition to the resources that can be extracted from the moon, for example.
  • “China, like the United States, is a party to the Outer Space Treaty, which prevents countries from making property claims to any celestial body, including the moon,” Politico quoted Victoria Samson, director of the Safe World Foundation in Washington, as saying.
  • Samson explained that “it would be difficult for any country to maintain a long-term human presence in deep space. It seems unrealistic.”
  • Samson agreed that there might be competition between Washington and Beijing on “limited sites and resources” on the lunar surface.
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