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مسبار المريخ التابع لوكالة ناسا ينطلق في مهمة للبحث عن حياة فضائية قديمة

NASA’s Mars probe sets off on a mission to search for ancient alien life

NASA’s rover has reached a crucial moment in its search for evidence of past life on Earth Mars surfaceThe car-sized robot, which landed on the Red Planet in February last year, will today begin climbing an ancient delta to search for sampling sites that may contain ancient microbes and organisms, according to the British Daily Mail website.

Report from the Daily Mail

This ascent will be for reconnaissance, as the tenacious go on a search for rocks with the best chance of concealing secrets about whether alien life exists on Mars..

NASA's probe
NASA’s probe

While back down, the rover will collect some of these samples from Jezero crater and leave the samples at the base of the delta for retrieval on future missions..

The US space agency wants to return these rocks to Earth in the 1930s so that they can undergo a detailed analysis.

Scientists hope that in addition to providing answers about possible ancient life on the Red Planet, they will also reveal more about Mars’ climate and how it evolved..

“The Jezero Delta promises to be a veritable geological feast and one of the best locations on Mars to search for signs of past microscopic life,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA in Washington.

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