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NASA's rover stops collecting rocks from Mars due to partial crash

NASA’s rover stops collecting rocks from Mars due to partial crash

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NASA has announced that its rover, Perseverance, has stopped collecting rock samples on the comfortable surface of the planet, after it was subjected to a crash.

“NASA” said in a statement via her official website that the rover stopped temporarily storing rock samples, after the crash partially blocked the bit carousel (the device that stores drill bits and passes sample tubes for internal processing).

The rover hit the wreckage on December 29, but the mission team had to wait until January 6 to send a command to extract the drill bit, remove the robotic arm from the carousel, and take photos to verify what happened.

NASA’s rover fails to collect first sample of Martian rocks

NASA believes that the obstructions are gravel that fell from the sample tube when the drill bit was dropped, preventing this part from sitting neatly in the carousel.

This is the first time that the team has had to remove debris from the Perseverance probe, and it will take the operators some time to get rid of the gravel and remove it in an “orderly manner”.