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NASA's "Voyager 1" probe sends strange data .. After 45 years in space ..

NASA’s “Voyager 1” probe sends strange data .. After 45 years in space ..

NASA’s Voyager 1 probe

Probe Voyager 1 continues? NASA’s flight out of our solar system, 45 years after being launched into space. But what is remarkable now is that the space probe has begun to send out strange data that baffles its engineers.

The agency confirmed that the probe is still working as it should, but the analyzes it sends do not match the movements and direction of the spacecraft, which indicates that the spacecraft is confused about its location.

“Voyager 1” is about 23.3 billion kilometers from our planet, but this long distance does not prevent it from sending valuable scientific data and receiving commands from the cockpit on the surface of the Earth.

But the probe is currently facing a problem with the “AACS” system, which enables scientists to control the direction of the probe. But this problem does not have a significant impact on basic functions, according to NASA.

Therefore, the Agency’s engineers continue their research to understand the problem that has arisen, and try to adapt to the new situation. Given the distance between Voyager 1 and the base, it takes two days for it to be sent and received again.

NASA is also well aware that the probe is approaching the age of 45 and that it could fail at any time.

“The signal from the probe comes to us within 20 hours, and it needs to adjust the Earth and give a pulse of data at the right time and in the right direction,” said Thomas Zerbuchen, NASA’s vice president for outer space missions. According to our standards, the device works great.

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But the information is not nonsense, although it is all taken from the dashboard, and it seems that every time the devices want to tell their designers that everything is going well.”

The Voyager team announced that the probe had no idea where it was. At the very least, these signals come from the motherboard. And the signals are coming! And the device is perfectly tuned to the ground.

From this distance, the Earth looks like a small star that is barely visible to the eye. “The information does not seem to reflect what is actually happening on board,” said Thomas Zurbuchen.

Was it under anyone’s control? This is what many bloggers suspected.
The truth is that Voyager was launched in 1977, and the hardware on it mirrors the state of technology in 1975 where everything was simple and analog. There is practically nothing to break, unless, of course, struck by a sledgehammer or a meteorite.

He said: “The reason may be in the mysterious force fields surrounding the solar system where the sun sends a “bubble” of energy from itself in all directions. Earth, Mars, and all the planets actually live not in completely open space, but inside this “bubble.”

Some also do not rule out the possibility of “Voyager” falling into the situation of the so-called “changing time and space”. What seems completely crazy, it is impossible to explain what is happening logically although we liked the story of the intervention of unknown creatures the most.”

It is reported that the probe visited Jupiter and Saturn, and was the first probe to provide a detailed image of these two huge planets in addition to their moons. Starting on Thursday, March 21, 2013, it became the first Earth vehicle to leave the solar system, and its mission was extended to study the limits of the solar system as well as the Kuiper belt.

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