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نشوى جاد سلسلة أفلام توثق التاريخ المصري قريبا

Nashwa Got: A series of films documenting Egyptian history coming soon

Nashwa Gott, head of the Watch It platform, confirmed that the world is very open, and that the UK has recently begun to legislate for content sites in the UK or abroad for lack of content. Documentaries that provide misinformation in history.

Nashwa said in his speech, “In the future, we will try to broadcast the original works of Watch It, on which we rely, which will make sense to Egyptians at home and abroad, and we will continue to strive to protect them. Cooperation will be done through protocols.

Nashwa Gad added: “We are based on verifying the content of various documentaries documenting Egyptian civilization throughout history, from the present to the present, from the generation of children to the youth and different age levels.”

It is noteworthy that the Integration Center reviews the technological revolution and the rapid and large spread of digital platforms, especially in recent times, as a result of the use of social networking sites or digital platforms. The occurrence of electronic addiction and rumors and the closure of the community into a narrow news circle.

Adviser Mahmoud Fawzi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and Chairman of the Watch It Platform Nashwa Ghat, Deputy Leader of the House Culture and Media Committee Dr. Nathar Mustafa, and Eng. Ala Mustafa, a member of the Senate Education Committee, Scientific Research, Communications and Information Technology, will lead the discussion during the salutation of Media Coordinating Member Ahmed Abdel Samad.