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Nasser Al-Saleh reveals a secret about Muhammad Abdo.. This song was by Talal Maddah

Nasser Al-Saleh reveals a secret about Muhammad Abdo.. This song was by Talal Maddah

The Saudi composer Nasser Al-Saleh revealed the scenes of his relationship with the great Arab singing stars, revealing for the first time a secret related to the artist Muhammad Abdo.

Al-Saleh said, during his arrival as a guest on the “Meeting from Zero” program on MBC1, that the song “I confess to you” was originally composed by the late Talal Maddah, but he died before he could present it, and after that Nasser Al-Saleh showed the song to Muhammad Abdo.

He revealed that Mohamed Abdo does not yet know the story of this song and will be surprised when he hears it through the program.

Al-Saleh also clarified that the song “The Places” was also not by Muhammad Abdo in the first place, explaining that he got the lyrics of the song from Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, who in turn obtained it from the poet Mansour Al-Shadi.

He added that when he started composing the words, he felt that the song suited Muhammad Abdo’s voice more than Nawal’s, so he communicated with her and told her his opinion. She did not object and welcomed the idea in support of him in his artistic career.

Al-Saleh pointed out that his cooperation with Muhammad Abdo began with the song “Bint Al-Nour” written by Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah, who told him at the time that Muhammad Abdo would sing it. Nasser Al-Saleh did not believe himself at the time, considering that Muhammad Abdo composed much better than him.

Nasser Al-Saleh also told the story of his cooperation with the late artist Zikra, whom he met in Cairo through the poet Mansour El-Shadi, noting that when I heard her melody the song “The First People in Your Heart I Am” she knocked on the wood in admiration of the melody that enters the heart.

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Among the surprises that Nasser Al-Saleh also revealed during the episode, the song “Istihala” by the Emirati star Ahlam, which she will release on the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr, where he sang it with his voice during the program.

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