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National wine exports to the United States drop, but liquor stores reopen

Italian wine sales in the United States fell sharply by 2020, but Union Italia Vinci is expected to launch its first buyer in the world in the next few months, thanks to renewed Atlanticism and announced economic stimulus.

According to official European data, 2020 Italian exports to the United States fell by 6% (4 1.425 billion euros) to close at a significant drop in average prices (-5%). Particularly bright wines have failed, and they will stop running in the United States many years later, especially thanks to Prosecco (-9%). Bottle stills are also down (-6%).

Meanwhile, some hope is shining through the reopening of liquor stores to thank the new Prime Minister’s mandate, which takes effect on March 6.

“At the first DBCM of the Drake government, we welcome with great satisfaction and reasonable pride the suppression of the unjust arrangement which forced Italian winemakers not to retail bottles of wine after 6 p.m.” Andrea Terrenio, president of the Italian Wine Bars Vinarius Association, commented on the lifting of the ban on take-out after 6pm on the Atteco 47.25 codes, saying “there is still until March 5 the previous TCPM was unjustly inserted”.

“Vinarius began every war in support of his allies and all the Italian wine shops – Terrenio continues – and we have seen from the outset condemnation of attempts to destroy what seemed to be a misunderstanding. Our open letter to Prime Minister Conte and Ministers Speranza and Paduanelli Attego highlights the sharp error of the code: A grateful thank you to Hon. Rava Tara and Sen for preparing Parliament, first to question the Chamber and then to the Senate, for accepting our requests to Minister Giorgetti and Prime Minister Drake to pave the way for a positive solution to the problem. Chain they especially to us at FV (Federation of Independent Winemakers) and many conservation federations. Have shown kindness and support. They supported “.

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