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NATO calls for “diplomacy, dialogue and de-escalation” with Russia

Twitter / @FranceOTAN

NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The foreign ministers of NATO member states called for “diplomacy, dialogue and de-escalation” in relations with Russia.

The US mission to NATO said, in a tweet published today, Friday, after an emergency virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of the member states of the alliance, that they “emphasized unity in response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

The US mission added that the foreign ministers “stressed, on the eve of the upcoming meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, the need for diplomacy, dialogue and de-escalation.”

Today’s meeting, according to NATO, was held to discuss “the build-up of Russian forces” on the border with Ukraine, as well as “wider issues related to European security.”

Informed sources confirmed, however, that the participants in the consultations also focused on discussing a “unified position” for NATO members on the issue of security guarantees in light of the Russian-American talks in Geneva on January 10 and the upcoming meeting of the Russia-NATO Council on January 12 in Brussels.

On December 17, Russia published draft agreements with the United States and NATO member states that include provisions on mutual security guarantees in Europe, including the non-deployment of medium and short-range missiles in the areas of access to the enemy’s territory, and the alliance’s abandonment of its further expansion.

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The Russian-Western talks come against the backdrop of persistent allegations by NATO members and the authorities in Kiev that Russia is massing its forces near Ukraine’s borders, and repeated warnings by the alliance against Moscow’s launch of “any new aggression” on Ukrainian territory.

Source: RT + agencies