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NATO is a defensive alliance that seeks no conflict

NATO is a defensive alliance that seeks no conflict

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said on Friday that NATO was not looking for a confrontation and that doing so would protect every inch of its territory.

“NATO is a defensive alliance, we do not seek any conflict, but we are ready to defend every inch of NATO member states if it is needed,” Blingen added in a news release.

Blingen’s remarks came during a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Friday.

Girl andNATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg described Russia’s attack on the Japorizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine as “irresponsible”.

Stoltenberg called on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and engage in diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict.

Earlier, The UAE’s English-language newspaper The National announced that NATO leaders were holding an extraordinary meeting on Friday to discuss Russia’s response to the occupation of Ukraine in “the biggest days of diplomacy”.

Finland and Sweden, which are not members of NATO, have been invited to attend the conference, which will be held at the Coalition’s headquarters in Brussels.

British officials say it will be a historic day as Western powers show strength and solidarity in opposing Russia’s illegal occupation.

Britain’s Secretary of State Lis Truss G7 is scheduled to meet with foreign ministers and attend the European Council’s Foreign Council, the first British minister to be invited since Brexit. He will also tell them that cooperation between the UK and the EU is essential. Defending European security while seeking consensus from the international community to increase support for Ukraine.

“The UK and its allies need to maintain a strong and united front against the Russian occupation and act in support of Ukraine,” Truss said.

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