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Navalnyj has protruding tablets, and Amnesty International has described his imprisonment as torture

Navalnyj has protruding tablets, and Amnesty International has described his imprisonment as torture

Doctors at the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who complained of constant back and leg pain in prison, discovered after examination that he had two prominent discs. Attorney Vadim Kupzev, who was able to meet with his client on Wednesday, told Interfax. Kupziev’s colleague Olga Mikhailov said after the meeting that Navalnej complains that he lost sensation not only in his legs but also in his hands.

The lawyer said, “He still suffers from back and leg pain, and loses feeling in addition to his legs and also in his hands.” According to her, Navalenge continues his hunger strike, who asks to be examined by doctors of his choice, and drinks only water. According to the lawyer, prison doctors recommend outdated treatments and drugs that have not been used elsewhere for decades, so Navalenj rejects these measures.

However, the prison administration is afraid to allow professionals into the facility so that they do not confirm that the abuse has exacerbated Navalny’s problems. “He is steadfast and continues to encourage us in the spirit,” she added. According to Kopzev, the prisoner loses a kilogram of weight every day.

Mikhailova had previously informed TASS that the test had not shown the Coronavirus in Navalny. According to Izvestia, the screening in Navalny did not even show tuberculosis. On Monday, an opposition politician announced that he had a severe cough and fever. The prison administration confirmed that he had fallen ill and had been transferred to the medical section of the prison.

The opposition and his colleagues had previously complained about prison conditions as guards woke him up every night at night. So I go on hunger strike at the end of March.

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Amnesty International leader human rights defender Agnes Callamard has condemned Navalny’s conditions of detention in prison. She told Reuters that it amounted to torture and could lead to the unclear death of an opposition leader.

“The Russian authorities may put him in a slow death situation and try to cover up what is happening to him,” Callamard, Secretary-General of Amnesty International, told Reuters ahead of the annual report of the human rights organization. “The Russian authorities are clearly violating his rights. He will imprison him under conditions equivalent to torture,” she said. Amnesty International reported that Navalny faces sleep deprivation in prison and has no access to a doctor he trusts.

Amnesty International: It is slow torture and killing

Amnesty International Human Rights reported today that Navalny is being held in conditions that amount to torture and can slowly kill him.

Russian police detained Navalny in January when he returned from Germany, where he was recovering from poisoning last August. According to Western laboratories, he was poisoned with a nerve gas by a group of beginners, which was confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Navalnig attributes the poisoning to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the FSB intelligence services. Moscow denies this. In February, a Russian court changed his previous suspended sentence for embezzlement to an unconditional sentence and sent him to a concentration camp for 2.5 years. Moscow rejects Western calls to free Navalny and investigate the poisoning as interference in Russia’s internal affairs. Navalnig claims he was found guilty in a political trial and punished for letting himself escape the poisoning ordered by Putin.

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On Wednesday, the Moscow City Court upheld a complaint filed by Navalny’s brother Oleg and Maritime Anti-Corruption Fund attorney Lyubov Sobolov, about house arrest, pending trial for alleged hygiene violations while organizing protests to liberate the Navy. However, according to, the court prevented them from leaving their residence from eight in the evening until six in the morning, and they were also not allowed to speak about the case.