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Navalny’s collaborators have turned to the European Union over the validity of the opposition

Russia’s 44-year-old critic Vladimir Putin declared his hunger strike in late March to protest his lack of adequate medical care for his acute pain in his back and leg.

Navalny’s collaborators, Vladimir Ashurkov and Leonid Volkov, invited the heads of diplomacy from the 27 EU member states to discuss the health of the opposition at a summit on Monday. A copy of the letter is available to Reuters.

“Alexei should be granted immediately in his justified request to a doctor of his choice,” said the letter, which was also received by all the parliaments of the European Union. The authors expressed similar concerns about Navalny’s health as they did on Tuesday with Navalny’s wife, who visited her husband in prison. According to her, Navalny has difficulty speaking and is losing more and more weight.

The message read: “Alexi’s health is constantly deteriorating. He feels bad in both legs, as well as in his left arm, his back hurts and he suffers from muscle weakness.” “Alexei also has a fever and a severe cough. Several of his fellow prisoners in the colony have recently been diagnosed with tuberculosis,” the authors added.

Navalny returned to Russia in January after recovering from several months of poisoning in Germany caused by German experts as a neuropathic substance for a group of beginners. Moscow rejects the possibility of novice poisoning.

In February, Navalny was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for violating the rules of another suspended sentence, which he described as politically motivated. Several Western countries described the current condemnation of fraud and called for Navalny’s release.

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The prison, where Navalny is serving his prison sentence, said she offered the convict adequate medical care, which he refused. This week, the Russian Prison Administration announced that Navalny is not suffering from tuberculosis or coronavirus infection. According to her, the medical board described Navalny’s health as satisfactory.