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Nawal Al Zoghbi congratulates Najwa Karam on her song: You deserve everything as sweet as your white heart

The star, Nawal Al Zoghbi, congratulated the star Najwa Karam On her new song, “White Hour”, Nawal tweeted via her Twitter account, saying: “Congratulations to a very sweet white hour, and God willing, success, O Lord, because you deserve everything sweet like your white heart.” Najwa responded to Nawal’s congratulations, saying: “Thank you for your love and heart White and I always pray for you from my heart with success.”

Nawal al-zughby

The star Najwa Karam released her new song, “White Hour”, on YouTube, and Najwa promoted the song through her Twitter account, and wrote: “A white hour for all the people whose heart is white.” Fadi Gigi, Mix and Mastering

And the Lebanese star Najwa Karam released a video clip for her new song, “Helwa El Dony” on YouTube, and the song is written and composed by Jihad Hadchiti, distributed by Robert Al-Asaad, and Mix and Master Fadi Gigi. If something wasn’t..just see the full text from the kebab..just see the full text..and after a tear in a hundred sweet laughs..above the thorn the rose will keep shining“.

And the Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, who recently performed a concert, in Istanbul, Turkey. “And the first live show of her latest songs, “Saker Qloub”, while Nassif Zeytoun enjoys the audience with “Tekeh” and “Farkouni” and his latest songs “All Day”.

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