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NBA stars claim injuries.  Satoranskč and Dončič - ČT sport - Česká televize complain about the busy program

NBA stars claim injuries. Satoranskč and Dončič – ČT sport – Česká televize complain about the busy program

Many blame the NBA’s busy schedule this season for the league’s plight.

When the Los Angeles Lakers rejoiced their 17th league title last season in a bubble in Orlando, Florida, it wrote on October 11 of last year.

Then the league, in cooperation with the Players’ Union, presented a plan for the current season, which began on December 22 of last year. The entire NBA had just over two months to prepare for the New Year.

The reason for the rapid resumption of the League was the decline in NBA profits caused by the Corona virus and the political promotion of the BLM movement, which the league tried to compensate in the short term by acquiring the television rights to the matches played over Christmas.

This season, instead of the standard 82 matches, there will be only 10 fewer in the base segment. Modernity is the tournament of play in both conferences, which will be decided on the last two advancing elimination battles.

The whole season is set to culminate in July in order to catch up with the participation of basketball players in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

In the Dallas Mavericks shirt, the Slovenian star, Luka Doncic, also spoke against the crowded program, specifically the tournament play.

“I don’t understand the whole idea of ​​the play cycle. You play 72 games to reach the playoffs, then you might lose two games in a row and you have after the season. I don’t understand that,” Donjic lamented.

Dallas owner Cobian, for example, also commented on the problem, but as the club’s owner, he was one of those who voted for the current look of the season.

“The worst part of this approach is the fact that the play cycle doubles the pressure of an already busy schedule. Rather than resting because they have a clear spot in the qualifiers, teams have to treat almost every match like“ to play more, ”Cobain explained to ESPN at the height of the season to keep His place is in the top six, and directly participates in elimination matches.

But in the first place, the league underestimated the number of matches that would be postponed due to protocols and restrictions linked to the pandemic. Not more than thirty matches have been played, and only three duels have a replacement date known so far. The Memphis Grizzlies paid the most for it, causing the coronavirus to wreak havoc, playing a total of six matches.

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In addition to the postponed matches and a busy schedule, the National Basketball Association has slowly but surely begun to pay extra for the lifestyle that is part of playing in the best basketball league in the world.

Constant flights across the United States, sleep deprivation, and several matches in another part of the country almost instantly are a daily routine for basketball players.

Today’s normal reality was also presented by the only Czech player in the competition – Chicago midfielder Bulls Tomász Saturanski – during a videoconference during the presentation of the Czech dribbling campaign.

“Our season and our program are so difficult that if I lose two days due to a health problem, I will lose one game,” Saturnsky said, in response to a question about his health.

“Of course it is also complicated by the fact that we still have regulations about Coronavirus here. We still travel and practically only in the hotel. So maybe we will not go home much in April. On the second day at most, so I try to spend this time with my family and not Lots of time to focus on their renewal, “said the Chicago Bulls midfielder closer to the status of NBA players.

“I try to solve everything inside the club. The same goes for diet and sleep. We try to sleep as much as possible. Those crossings across America certainly don’t help much. For example, we got to the hotel at 2 am, so you have a broken situation and it sure is It affects matches, but on the other hand, all the teams in the league have the same thing. ”And Saturnansky emphasized, and it is a real known fact about sleep deprivation of players, that it is not something we can only complain about.

Fortunately, the Czech midfielder avoided more serious injuries this season, but many NBA stars were not so lucky. The streak of unfortunate injuries actually began in a brief pre-season, when the Achilles tendon was torn by Golden State Warriors’ player, Clay Thompson.

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The stellar duo of Los Angeles Lakers champion defending LeBron James and Anthony Davis also have injury problems.

James has not played in a match in over a month due to an ankle injury from Atlanta, but the Lakers, who will not miss the playoffs, are in no hurry to get the 36-year-old star back on the board. James then missed a third of all matches this season.

Teammate Anthony Davis missed exactly 30 games this season due to calf and heel issues – the most in his career to date and recently returned to the NBA Circuit in the Lakers’ defeat against Dallas.

Highlights of this year were the Brooklyn Nets’ triple winner Keri Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden, who moved to New York from Houston at the end of January.

However, due to the Coronavirus, but also due to the numerous infections that Kevin Durant has suffered, the three have played seven matches together so far.

While the currently injured Durant is set to return to action in the coming days, Harden, who is absent due to a quadriceps injury, will be out for an indefinite period of time as complications have occurred in the treatment of his injuries.

Canadian winger Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets also suffered a horrific injury, as he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in the last minute of the game against the Golden State Warriors, which led to his being excluded from the match until the end of the season.

It should be noted, however, that under normal circumstances, similar injuries rarely occur and you will suffer a maximum of two to three players during a season.

Denver coach Michael Malone told a news conference, “Jamal has understandably been destroyed. So is the team. We understand the importance of Jamal and we are a better team when he’s in good health. He is second only to Nikola Jukic in nearly every statistical category.”

Murray’s injury is also the most serious in the title race so far. According to many experts, Denver without Murray has much of a chance to reach the playoffs in the crowded Western Conference.

In addition to Murray, other league stars are currently missing – and Tri Young will be out of Atlanta for the next few weeks to a month with an ankle injury.

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The same fate met Donovan Mitchell, who fights with the Utah Jazz to head the Western Conference. In his case, the present absence should be a little shorter.

For a long time, knee problems also decimated Victor Oledip, who was recently acquired by Miami as part of a Houston trade show.

Injuries also affect newcomers. He would also lose the remainder of the season in a double draft last year by James Wiseman of the Golden State Warriors, who were knocked out of the match with a meniscus injury.

As a result, a broken ankle will result in Israeli Deni Advija not even looking at deck for Washington until the end of the season.

Much of the season was also wasted by Charlotte’s project midfielder and trio LaMelo Ball, who should still win Rookie of the Year.

The situation caused by avalanche injury and loss of basketball players due to coronavirus protocols is so dangerous that, for example, Indiana, for example, I often had a hard time finding eight healthy players for a match, which is the minimum required to play an NBA match. .

The officials themselves, who have prepared the current format for the program, already know that the league got it wrong. “I’m not going to lie. It’s the worst match calendar I’ve seen in the league in the last 25 years,” one league aide told ESPN without revealing his identity.

“This two-year annabasis will have a huge impact on players in the long run. It’s like you’re losing strength and you have to light candles because you want the light. But if you burn them, you won’t get them the next time you lose strength. We lose players due to injuries at an alarming speed.” But what is the alternative? Lists of 25 players? Fewer matches? This is not a thing from the league. Everything requires cooperation with the Players’ Union. They are both responsible for the current situation, because they were exclusively concerned with money. “One general manager was furious with ESPN without revealing His identity.