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أبراموفيتش يلجأ لأصدقائه من أجل الحصول على "قروض طارئة"

Negotiations between Abramovich and Britain to sell Chelsea

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich hopes to reach a legal decision to begin the process of selling English club Chelsea, news reports indicate that at the time the UK government had not yet agreed to any terms of the deal.

The British News Agency (PA Media) reported on Wednesday that Abramovich’s lawyers and the British government were in talks on how to deal with the London club’s 1.5 1.5 billion ($ 1.86 billion) debt to the Russian billionaire.

Abramovich wanted to cancel those loans, but the UK government’s sanctions prevented the process as his accounts were frozen.

The company revealed that despite the Chelsea owner’s promises and detailed planning, the British government had repeatedly raised concerns that Akramovic would back down from writing off those loans.

The same source added that the government was seeking a legal guarantee that Abramovich would not benefit in any way from the Chelsea sale.

The company said it hoped Abramovich’s lawyers would accept their latest proposals by the British government.

U.S. billionaire Todd Boyle, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, concluded a deal to buy Chelsea FC for 4. 4.25 billion in the early hours of May 7.

Bohel met with Chelsea coach Thomas Duchess and the club’s women’s coach Emma Hayes last week, now hoping to complete the acquisition with a slight delay.

The Premier League must provide final confirmation of the sale of Club Boley through owner-manager tests before the government issues a new license to allow the sale.

Government approval for sale should give the green light to a plan to donate to Abramovich’s new charity.

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It is noteworthy that 55-year-old Abramovich officially sold Chelsea FC following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, after which the UK government imposed sanctions on him on March 10, citing evidence of links between him and Russia. President Vladimir Putin.

Chelsea’s temporary management license expires on May 31, the deadline for a sale.