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Negotiations resume to save Vienna, nuclear deal

Vienna – Consultations in Vienna resume today Attempt to secure international Iran nuclear deal (Jcpoa). It aims to promote Iran by restoring sanctions against the Islamic Republic – paving the way for the US return to the treaty – in the Trump era, which was signed in 2015 during the Obama administration and abandoned in 2018. Negotiations between Iran and the United States to respect all the obligations given by the JCPOA will not be direct: the US delegation will not sit at the table with the Iranians, but will hold separate talks with the EU ambassadors coordinating the summit. Tehran has said there will be no direct talks with the United States in this case.

Since the US withdrawal, Iran has begun to back away from the terms of the deal and has significantly increased its uranium stock. Negotiations between the remaining countries in the agreement – Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany – first with Iran Joe Biden Came to the White House. The president wants to save this deal.

The UN welcomed with great satisfaction the efforts to resume “constructive” dialogue on the agreement. There will be a US delegation led by the Special Envoy to Iran in Vienna. Rob Mali. “We have agreed to negotiate with our European, Russian and Chinese partners in the 5 + 1 partnership. We are staying at Jcpoa to discuss issues related to this agreement between Iran and the United States with respectable mutual income,” he said. A State Department spokesman said at a news conference yesterday. Net price. “We do not underestimate – he pointed out – the magnitude of future challenges.” He explained that the talks would be “structured around the EU-formed labor groups with the parties in the JCPO, including Iran.” He reaffirmed that the United States was “open” to the possibility of direct talks.

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