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نيللي وهشام يسترجعان ذكرياتهما في «ليالي رمضان»

Nelly and Hisham recall their memories in “Ramadan Nights”

The Egyptian actress, Nelly Karim, was a guest on the “Ramadan Nights” program, shown on the satellite channel «mbc» With her husband Hisham Ashour, to talk about their special rituals in the month of Ramadan.


During the meeting, Nelly Karim talked about her rituals in Ramadan, and she joked that she was waiting for Ramadan for Eid al-Fitr to take the Eid from her father, and that she was very happy to get the money on that occasion, and she said that the most amount she collected in her childhood from the Eid is 50 pounds..

As for her husband, Hisham Ashour, he said that what makes him most happy in the month of Ramadan is the meeting of the family and the special spiritual atmosphere that does not exist anywhere else in the world except in the Middle East, and he said that he used to get an “Eidiya” of 20 pounds from his father..

Nelly Karim added that the most important paragraph for her in Ramadan is watching the puzzles in Ramadan, especially because her name is similar to the artist Nelly, who presents the puzzles..

She said that, by chance, the first artwork she performed in her life was the Fawazeer, which made her happy because of her great love for Fawazeer and the able artist Nelly..

Ramadan works

During the meeting, Nelly Karim spoke about her series “Faten Amal Harbi”, which is shown within the 2022 Ramadan drama race, which deals with the lives of divorced women in Egypt and their struggle with the Personal Status Law..

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Nelly said that it is ironic that she embodies the character of “Faten”, who suffers from crises with her husband after the divorce and his refusal to pay her children’s expenses and expelling her from the marital home, at the same time that her husband, Hisham Ashour, embodies the role of “Walid” in the series “Uturn” with the artist Reham. Hajjaj, and he is also suffering from divorce problems.

During the meeting, the artist, Nelly Karim, sent a message to her husband, Hisham Ashour, in the Russian language, which she is fluent in due to the fact that her mother is Russian, in which she expressed her love and thanks to him..