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الفنانة المصرية نيللي كريم

Nelly Karim reveals the secret of her husband’s reaction to her fans in Carthage: “My dress is broken.”

Egyptian actress Nelly Karim revealed the secret of her husband’s reaction to a number of fans during her participation in the Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia.

And Nelly Karim said, during an intervention with the program “Happening in Egypt” on the MBC Egypt screen, Tuesday: “I am one of the people who wants to imagine with me from the youngest one to the oldest one. high”.
And she added, “I was wearing a long dress. People stepped on my dress, and someone pushed me to take a picture with me, and my dress was cut off.”

And she continued, “He was in a state of hiccup, as I went out of the hall to quickly return to the hotel.”

The video clip, which was published by the “Carthage Plus” channel page, showed the moment of the ex-squash player Hisham Ashour, Nelly Karim’s husband, a number of fans of the Egyptian artist, during her participation in the Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia, while they were trying to take pictures with her.

Hisham Ashour said in an angry voice: “There are no pictures. We will not take pictures with anyone. What a farce.” Then he took Nelly Karim’s hand, and they left the place.

This behavior provoked many reactions from the social media audience, as some considered it because of “jealousy” for his wife, while others criticized this behavior and considered it “flawed”, noting that the artist, Nelly Karim, was “good-hearted”, and she would not have acted in this way herself. .

One of the comments said: “Her features are very narrow to him, and he violently pulls her from her arms, intent on journalists and the public. She looks like a passport that will not last.”

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While another wrote: “Maybe something happened because it was seen that she was being harassed and maybe this is not a place where there are fans because it is a garage, and I found people close to her in the form of her fear and she was with her husband only, that’s why he got angry.”

The Carthage Film Festival honored Nelly Karim for her overall work and in appreciation of her cinematic and artistic career. Videos and photos of her on Instagram, and behind the scenes of their trip to Tunisia.