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Netanyahu and his wife wear the UAE flag to celebrate the UAE National Day

Netanyahu and his wife wear the UAE flag to celebrate the UAE National Day

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homeland – Publication of the Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin NetanyahuA picture of him and his wife, Sarah, from inside the Emirati embassy in Tel Aviv, where they participated in the celebration of the 51st UAE National Day.

Benjamin Netanyahu at the Emirati embassy

Netanyahu published this photo on his official Twitter account, where he and his wife appeared with the Emirati ambassador to Israel Mohammed Al Khajah.

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The Israeli prime minister in charge of forming the government after the success of his party, he and his wife wore a “keffiyeh” with the UAE flag and the slogan of celebrating the National Day.

And the flags of the Emirates and the occupation appeared in the background, and the name of the Emirati embassy in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu commented on the photo he published, saying: “Celebrating the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, after the historic peace agreement that we reached between us.”

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These images angered many activists, who attacked the Emirati regime, which recently opened the door to normalization with the occupation under American auspices.

Activists describe the UAE as having become a new Israeli colony in the Gulf, due to Mohammed bin Zayed’s policies towards the Palestinian cause and his aid to the occupation against the Palestinians.

UAE National Day

It is noted that UAE National Day United Arab Emirates, on December 2 of each year.

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It is the day when the Emiratis celebrate the anniversary of the union between the seven emirates, which he founded Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan 1971.

Ibn Zayed’s speech on the 51st National Day of the UAE

And Ibn Zayed had indicated – in his speech on the occasion of the 51st National Day of the State – that the main theme for the next stage should be to redouble effort and giving and to uphold the value of work, efficiency and dedication to duty.

He stressed that the next stage is a stage of work, perseverance, achievement and competition, in which there is no room for complacency or complacency, because great ambitions require greater determination.

Mohammed bin Zayed also stressed that the UAE is fully aware of the nature of the transformations around it and the challenges and opportunities that surround it, “and we are working to invest these opportunities and deal with challenges with a clear, effective and comprehensive approach.”

He added, “We cooperate honestly and positively with our friends and brothers, and we move consciously in the region and the world to maximize our national interests. We strengthen our effective economic, trade and investment partnerships with various countries of the world to serve our development goals.

Netanyahu’s return

On November 13, Israeli President Isaac Herzog appointed Netanyahu forming the government.

On Friday, the Likud party reached an agreement to distribute ministerial portfolios with the far-right Jewish Power party headed by Ben Gvir.

Under the agreement, it will happen Ben Gvir On the national security portfolio with broader powers than it has existed for years.

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The Israeli prime minister-designate pledged that his country would not be governed by “Talmud laws,” in light of fears that his government would include far-right politicians.