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Netflix cancels the “Bling” series.. What will happen to the “Dubai” version?

“Dubai Bling” poster

Saturday 22 April 2023 / 16:07

It has been reported that entertainment content production company Netflix has pulled the plug on the entire “Bling” series.

And if this information is correct, then the original series, as well as all versions that emerged from it, have been suspended and will no longer appear on the Netflix platform.
According to the site,DeadlineNo statement has been issued so far by any party involved in preparing any of the copies of “Bling”.

Bling is known as an American drama series that deals with the life story of a group of people working in the music, fashion and advertising industries in Los Angeles.
The series became famous in the Arab world with the launch last year of an Emirati version of it under the name “Dubai BlingWhich witnessed a wide spread and gave greater fame for the stars of the series Who live and work in Dubai and pursue their dreams and achieve success in life.

the second season

And it was reported, at the beginning of last February, that Iraqi beautician Mona Qattan will join the cast in the second season of the UAE version of “Dubai Bling”, without indicating when the second season will be shown.

Communication platforms

On the other hand, the posts of netizens reflected concern about the fate of “Dubai Bling”, especially with the absence of any words from the stars of the first season, namely Zeina Khoury, Loujain, Imran, Chris Fayed, Ibrahim Al-Smadi, Farhana Buddy, Marwan Al-Awadi, Safa Siddiqui, Lujain Adda. Dania Mohamed.
In the past days, they discovered the stars of the series by sharing Eid al-Fitr wishes and sharing pictures with their family members, without indicating what will happen with the series and if there are any developments on the subject.

But on Twitter, some concern was detected about the absence of the second season, especially after building a fan base attached to the first season and wanting to watch more episodes and learn more about the details of the lives of Dubai celebrities.

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