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Netflix introduces a feature on Android phones to download movies

Netflix introduces a feature on Android phones to download movies

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Yesterday, Sunday, the American network “Netflix” introduced a new feature for owners of “Android” phones, to download movies, series and programs from its library.

The feature allows the ability to watch “Netflix” content after it has been downloaded “partially” and before it is fully loaded on the phone, after many users complained that they had to wait until the download was completed to watch, according to The Verge website.

Android users on mobile devices and tablets (version 7.64 and later) will be able to stream shows and movies.Netflixbefore the download is complete.

Partial downloading will be limited to Android mobile devices and tablets for the time being, but Netflix confirmed that it will test the feature on Apple devices in the coming months.

To find the feature, you must go to the settings in the “Continue Watching” section of the service, or from the download menu on “Android”.