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زيلنسكي في المسلسل

Netflix is ​​set to rebroadcast the Zelensky series in the United States

The Netflix operating system, which popularized current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, has rebroadcast the series “The Servant of the People” to its viewers in the United States.

“Netflix” once again offers its fans in the United States the series “Servant of the People”, which made the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky famous.

Amid widespread praise for the former actor, who became the “hero” of his country due to the Russian attack, the stage announcement on Wednesday comes with its intention to re-enact it.

“You heard it, the series is back!” Netflix wrote on Twitter. (Survival of the People) is available again on Netflix in the United States.

The Ukrainian president, in a televised telegram in a speech before Congress on Wednesday morning, called for Ukraine to be provided with “additional anti-aircraft systems over long distances.” Members of Congress there applauded the Ukrainian president’s speech.

The series “The People’s Servant” shown in 2015 seems to be moving forward because its title revolves around a history professor who wins the presidency of Ukraine. The series also jokingly condemns political corruption.

The overwhelming success of this work in Ukraine opened the door for Zhelensky to begin his political career as he was elected President of the country in 2019 under the banner of the party of the same name, which received more than seventy percent of the vote.

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The French-German channel “Arte”, which airs the series, has been highlighting its “” website since November 19 in a series of “updated interest”. It received 800,000 views on March 2, and a few days later the number of views increased to an additional 1 million views.

From the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, many television stations and streaming sites began to negotiate the rights to broadcast the series, for example Channel 4 in the UK, ANT 1 in Greece and PRO TV in Romania.