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Netflix launches campaign to prevent password sharing in US and UK

I started Netflix It has officially started its aggressive campaign to block password sharing in USA and UK.


It comes more than a year after the move was first announced. The popular streaming service explained the consequences of letting others use your account passwords.

It pointed out that allowing users outside the home to access his account would incur additional costs for the account holder.

Going forward, regular Netflix plan account holders will have the option to add someone outside their home. But they have to pay an extra $7.99 (or £4.99 in the UK) every month for the offer.

Netflix Premium account holders with the 4K package can add two more members to the account. However, they cost $7.99 each.

For regular account holders that come with ads. They have no desire to include anyone else outside the family.

Additional members will be given their own account and password. But their membership fee is paid by the person who invited them to share their Netflix account.

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Netflix is ​​slashing subscription prices in more than 30 countries

Subscribers who live in the same household can access their accounts while traveling or on the go, Netflix said. But the streaming company said it has started sending out emails about its “fee-sharing” program to out-of-home users.

Since earlier this year, the global broadcasting service has been testing password-sharing restrictions in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal.

Finally, the company aims to prevent the sharing of passwords to increase its subscriber base and accelerate revenue growth after losses suffered by Netflix in the past.

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