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Netflix: “The Squid Game”… Born to Live

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Netflix has confirmed the start of a second season for “The Squid Game”.

This was stated by one of the company’s presidents, Tad Sarandes, in an interview he gave last week to reporters, as he confirmed the continuation of filming for other seasons of “The Squid Game”, saying that the series “The Squid Game was born and will live in the future”, according to Russia Today.

Tad Sarandes explained that the South Korean series belongs to the entertainment content of the “Netflix” company, which sees it as having a potential to grow outside the online video system, in the form of video games, films, advertising materials, and others.

It is noteworthy that the director of “The Squid Game”, Juan Don Hack, had told the KBS television channel at the end of last year that he was in talks with Netflix about filming the second and third seasons of the series.

It is noteworthy that the South Korean series “The Squid Game” is one of the most successful projects shown on the American home entertainment platform, which recorded in the first four weeks of its presentation 1.65 billion watch hours. The series tells the secret story of the struggle for survival after some people’s lives are in trouble.


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