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New about slapping a governor in Iran..a reason and nothing strange

New about slapping a governor in Iran..a reason and nothing strange

repercussions still Zine El Abidine Khorram Razavi slapped , the new governor of East Azerbaijan Province in northern Iran, interacts in the Iranian street, both opposition and pro-government.

In the latest incident, local media reported that the one who attacked the governor was Ayoub Alizadeh, an official in the Revolutionary Guards.

As for the strange reason for the slap, according to what Iran International Network reported, it was “a man in the province vaccinating his wife” instead of a woman doing that!

open an investigation

It is noteworthy that the Iranian authorities opened an investigation yesterday, Saturday, after the new governor was slapped and pushed during his speech at his inauguration ceremony, according to the official news agency IRNA.

It quoted the provincial prosecutor, Babak Mahboub-Alilo, as saying that his office “issued an urgent note to investigate the assault on Razavi.”

slap him and push him hard

A videotape spread like wildfire, showing the governor giving a speech from behind a podium on a stage, before a person approached him and slapped him hard on the face and then pushed him, before a number of men intervened to remove the assailant and force him out of the hall.

This came during a ceremony attended by Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi, and devoted to introducing the new governor, who was appointed to his position late last week by Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

Khorram, 55, was a brigadier general in the ranks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards before he was appointed to his new position in the border province with Azerbaijan and Armenia in northwestern Iran, IRNA news agency reported.

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But the agency did not specify the identity of the assailant or whether he was arrested, but it pointed out that he was a “member of the Ashura headquarters” of the Revolutionary Guard, and his motives were personal!