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New approach to COVID testing: people will be able to go to training

New approach to COVID testing: people will be able to go to training

People suspected of having the coronavirus should have a new covid-19 antigen test done by their GP. The new measure, which practitioners have agreed with the Ministry of Health, should take effect from the fall.

Patients suspected of having COVID-19 should have antigen tests performed by GPs from the fall. However, they will have to order the surgery so they don’t meet other patients in the waiting room.

The procedure agreed with the Ministry of Health by the practitioners should expedite the diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment. According to the Association of General Practitioners and the Ministry of Health, Covid will be treated as a disease that people commonly contract.

“The main reason is to expand the testing sites to sites where there are no traditional testing sites. The disease poses no risk to them. Only the minimal number of people who have been vaccinated end up with a dangerous path of coronavirus,” said Daniel Koppel, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Health, for

Practitioners will discuss recommended treatment procedures with department representatives at a two-day primary care conference. It will start on Thursday in Prague.

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