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New car sales continue to decline, falling 11 percent in nine months.  Octavia is still number one

New car sales continue to decline, falling 11 percent in nine months. Octavia is still number one

Sales of new passenger cars in the Czech Republic fell 11.1 percent year-on-year to 1443,843 vehicles in three quarters. In September, sales increased by five percent. This was announced at today’s press conference by the Association of Automobile Importers.

The best-selling Skoda is still Skoda with 46,018 cars, the second Hyundai brand with 14,628 cars, and the third Volkswagen, which sold 12,115 cars. They are followed by Toyota, Kia and Dacia. The most popular model is the Škoda Octavia with 10,320 units sold, followed by the Fabia (9,130) and the third Hyundai i30 (6311).

A total of 72.4 percent of the cars were purchased by the companies. The most popular category is sport utility vehicles with a 44.5 percent share, followed by the lower middle class with 15.9 percent and compact cars with 13 percent. In terms of fuel, gasoline leads with 66.8 percent, followed by diesel with 24.4 percent. At the same time, 2,869 electric cars were sold. Hybrid car sales increased by a fifth.

Light commercial vehicle registrations decreased by 12.7% to 12,511 vehicles. Renault tops sales of 1,953 cars, followed by Ford and Peugeot. Truck sales increased 3.3% to 6,427 vehicles. The first is Volvo with 1,250 cars, the second is Mercedes-Benz and the third is Duff.

Bus sales increased by 24.7% to 986 vehicles. The best-selling Iveco bus sold 366 cars, the SOR 246, and the Setra 182. Three-quarters were line cars.

Demand for motorcycles increased by 17.8 percent to 22,279 machines. Honda sold the most, a total of 4,297 motorcycles, the second CF Moto was chosen by 2,000 customers. The third is Yamaha, where 1,503 machines were sold.

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In the gallery, take a look at the twenty new passenger cars sold in the three quarters of this year.