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Google makes changes to the Play Store to make it easier to find Wear OS apps

New changes in Google Chrome to speed up browsing safely

Google has introduced new features to its Password Manager that will make browsing safer and simpler.

Google updates are applicable to all platforms, with some features designed specifically for iPhone and Android devices.

Google’s changes in the browser give the user more autonomy in managing their passwords.

Users can manually add passwords to their repository – Previously, Google only used banking passwords when a user was logged into a particular site.

Google also says it has upgraded its password checking technology, which assesses the strength of your passwords against hacks and guesswork.

Password Checkup will notify users if their password is weak, reused, or completely compromised – on Android, users can have Google reset the flagged password automatically.

The password manager will match the content and interface on Chrome browsers on Android and desktop.

“With this release we are providing a simplified and unified management experience that is the same in Chrome and Android settings,” Google Chrome Product Manager Ali Sarraf said in the Keyword blog.

Password Manager is also accessible through the nifty new home screen shortcut for Android.

Google Chrome can also implement Touch-to-Fill functionality on Android, which fills in the username and password from Password Manager with a single click.

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