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New competitor Dajani heads to villa What will happen this time? – extra

Source: with permission from Prima TV

New scandals?

On the primate reality show Like House, some dramas are constantly being resolved. However, the creators decided to add oil to the fire and invited a new contestant. This is Dajani, 21, who has over 265,000 fans on her TikTok profile.

Influenza group from Reality program like homeThat is broadcast by Prima TV, will be expanded by another member. Starting today, a new competitor will enter the villa, who will fight with the others for a prize worth half a million kronor. The new member is 21-year-old Djana, who has Persian roots but has been living in the Czech Republic for twelve years. Performs on TikTok and Instagram under the alias proste_djany She is known for her opinion videos, as she tries to say everything directly.

Participate in the show as a rehearsal

“I needed to get out of my comfort zone and I think Lake House would be a good experience. Although I am afraid of what will happen here. Thanks to participating in this reality show, I will see which people around me are true friends and which are not. I know a lot of People condemn the show and it will show me if my friends will support me, even if they don’t like the show, ” He mentioned before entering Villa Dajana. She added that participating in this show is a dress rehearsal for her. She doesn’t want to expect anything, because she is always disappointed.

“I fear almost all participants because of the situations. I don’t want to offend someone by mistake. I look up to Tommy and Jennies, for example. They are not on anyone’s side, they don’t argue and people like them,” She added. She has interacted with a number of cases that have arisen since the start of this show.

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