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New expectations for the world economy.. Egypt may become the ninth most influential country in development

China leads at 22% and India at 12.9%.

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In the new forecasts, “Bloomberg Economics” identified the shares of the largest global economies influencing the growth engines of the world economy in the period between 2023-2028, as China came to the forefront, 22%, India has a share. 12.9%, followed by the US at 11.3%. %, Indonesia ranked fourth with a 3.6% share, followed by Germany (2.1%), Turkey (2.1%), Japan (1.8%), and Brazil and Egypt with a 1.7% share each.

The impact of the economies of Russia and Bangladesh added 1.6% each to Egypt, and 1.5% each to the United Kingdom, Vietnam and France.

As India’s population exceeds that of its northern neighbor China, the question arises of the ability of the Indian economy to cope with this huge number of people representing almost one-fifth of the planet’s population, as Al Partha observed.

A few years after India wrested the title of the world’s fastest growing economy from China, India’s ratings alone are not enough to assume the role of the world’s biggest growth engine, just as China’s population is not enough. Implemented economic reforms since late 70s.

Bloomberg Economics said India needs to make full use of its demographic dividend to reshape the global economy, moving forward on 4 broad fronts: urbanization, infrastructure, improving skills and expanding its workforce, and increasing industrialization.

The United Nations estimates India’s population at 1.4286 billion as of mid-year, surpassing China’s population of 1.4257 billion.

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Projections suggest that by 2100, China’s population will drop to 800 million.