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New film with Kate Winslet and a documentary on fiery hell

New film with Kate Winslet and a documentary on fiery hell

You might just be like us, maybe even better. You might not sit helplessly in front of the TV every night and in frustration, from Netflix to HBO and from the Video Library to the Video Library, to find the right movie for the evening.

In case you’re in the same group, we’ve got something that will save you time – movie tonight advice. Don’t expect improved recommendations from film critics, but purely personal advice from members of the editorial board.

A triple film full of fun and lessons the editor has prepared for you Michaela Serna:


(HBO GO, 2019, 109 minutes).

The Romanian documentary won the One World Festival last year and this year will fight for a more valuable award, reaching Oscar nominations. But even if he fails in a tough competition, you shouldn’t miss him.

The story he’s telling seems like a mysterious thriller scenario, but this story is cooler because it actually happened. He is dealing with a fire at the Colectiv music club in Bucharest, which killed 27 people during a concert in 2015.

Another 37 died in hospitals due to malfunctions in the healthcare system and indolent government officials. This sounds very familiar to you? Yes, it is easy to find similarities to the Coronavirus in the Czech Republic here. Another reason to let Kolektiv go if you have the stomach for it.

Mary Z Easttown

(HBO GO, 2021, 7 parts)

If you have Kate Winslet before your eyes like a carefree rose from Titanic, you will probably have to rub your eyes first while watching Mare from Easttown. The actress is still the same, but the role is completely different: the troubled and eternally grumbling detective Mary, who, in addition to her personal demons, must solve a small-town murder in Pennsylvania.

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Sounds like a familiar recipe? But it does not matter at all whether he walks perfect here. Winslet performs well, the atmosphere is suitably melancholy and the story unfolds very promisingly. The first part is available so far, but according to the media response, there is no need to fear any qualitative deterioration.

I’m sorry!

(, 2019, 132 minutes).

The political scandal of the late nineteenth century, known as the Dreyfus Affair, has been dealt with by filmmakers several times, but one of the most famous has emerged recently: Roman Polanski, Chinatown manager or pianist.

Although the movie is only slow paced, it is honestly heading towards the dramatic ending. In addition to the familiar, but nonetheless, attractive theme, I’m interested in Sue! Visually appealing paintings and beautiful music composed by Alexandre Diblatt.