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imac 2021 clanek

New iMac with lightning-fast M1 processor. The reference score is amazing

We were able to see for yourself that the new M1 processors from Apple’s workshop are very fast MacBook AirWho try it first. First performance criteria iMac with an M1 processor It showed that the situation is repeating itself – the processor from Apple is in many cases faster than older models with Intel. The base iMac 21.1 with an octa-core processor, seven-core graphics, and two Thunderbolt ports scored 1,729 on a single core and 7,459 on multiple cores.

Quick peek at the new iMac, with attractive colors and high-performance

Previous iMac models had Intel processors at their core, specifically the Core i7-8700. In benchmark, he managed to get 1109 points on a single core and 6,014 points on multiple cores. Compared to the 21.5 iMac of 2019, the new M1 chip is 56 percent faster on a single core and 24 percent faster on a multi-core.

IMac 2021 clanek
The new iMac has the power to leave you behind

When it comes to premium hardware, the performance of the M1 processor is not so impressive anymore. Compared to 27 ″ iMac with Intel’s tenth-generation chip called Comet Lake, it beats it in single-core performance (M1 – 1,729 points, Intel – 1,247 points), but in its multi-core performance test, Intel really takes the reins (M1). – 7459 points, Intel – 9002 points). So it’s unlikely that the new iMac with the M1 processor will replace Intel’s more expensive solution, but Apple is working hard for it. Slice more powerfulWho can do that.

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