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New leaks reveal the features of the expected iPhone 14

New leaks reveal the features of the expected iPhone 14

Leaks continue about the new Apple phone, the iPhone 14, as it showed leaked screenshots, likely to reveal what the new design of the expected iPhone 14 bump will look like.

Reports indicated that Apple was planning a unique design for the bump in the upcoming iPhone phones, including an oval-shaped plus hole.

While leaked new designs, published by the “Apple WD” website, revealed that the new design will include an extra hole in the form of a pill, in the place of the new phone’s bump, according to the technical “web”.

The site indicates that what Apple seeks to achieve from the new leaked design, is to take the components of the extrusion and apply them directly to the screen, and to get rid of any unused areas that do not include cameras or sensors.

According to what has been published about the expectations related to the iPhone 14, it is expected that the phone versions will include two different screen sizes: 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

An unprecedented feature in the expected iPhone 14

And a new leak revealed an unprecedented feature in the iPhone 14 Pro phone, which Apple will announce at its next conference.

According to the leak, the phone will offer the most powerful random access memory ever, with a capacity that none of the previous Apple phones have ever had.

According to the “Digital Trends” website, the leaks come according to statements by blogger yeux1122, who published them on the South Korean digital blogging platform Naver.

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It is the same blogger who correctly predicted that Apple would launch a modern version of the iPad Mini tablet as part of its annual event releases in March of 2021.

According to expectations, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro may be launched with 8 GB of RAM.