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أساليب التصوير الجديدة ب”آيفون13″.. هذه ميزاتها وطرق تفعيلها

New photography methods with “iPhone 13”.. These are its features and ways to activate them

Follow up: Rowan Diop

“Apple” paid a lot of attention to developing the camera in the “iPhone 13” phone, and introduced new effects for photography represented in the cinematic mode and photographic methods. In addition to introducing new lenses in the “Pro” and “Pro Max” versions of the “iPhone 13” phones, and improving the lenses of the regular copies to become similar to the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” issued last year.

The new photographic techniques feature works close to the usual effects and retouches from Apple’s camera and other photography apps.

But it does offer a new and slightly different set of effects. New shooting techniques also change the image from its source, and you can’t edit it later. That is, the photo is taken through the lens of the new method, and there is no copy without that method, unless you photograph it without it. According to what was stated in the “Al Arabiya” website. net”.

And you should be careful when you use the new photography techniques in the “iPhone 13”. This is because later on you will not be able to change its effect on the captured images.

The new shooting methods feature is exclusive to “iPhone 13” phones only, which means that you cannot use it in “iPhone 12”.

And you can use it on any version of the new “iPhone” models, as it works with the “Mini” and “Pro Max” models efficiently.

You can access it by following these steps: Head to the “Settings” application, and then “Camera settings.” After that, “Photography Styles” and choose one of the styles from the existing list.

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Apple provides 5 major new imaging methods with a set of sub-styles under each method, which are:

-Default method: This is the default mode for the phone’s camera, where pictures are taken without changing any colors.

Rich contrast: This method darkens the shadows more while making the colors more rich, in addition to the emergence of clearer contrast in the components of the image.

Vivid: This method makes images look better coloured, clear and brighter

Warm style: This style infuses the golden layers of color in the image to make it appear warmer.

Cool style: This method puts a layer of pale blue on top of all the colors to make the colors look a little faded.

You can choose the new shooting techniques by going to the camera app, and pressing its button.

Then the camera displays a live experience of each style and you can switch between them by moving the screen left and right.

It is mentioned that when you choose a particular style, it remains applied in all images until you change it manually

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