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New PUBG Mobile update July 2021 on all devices in seconds Pubg mobile

New PUBG Mobile update July 2021 on all devices in seconds Pubg mobile

pubg mobile new update We discussed the details of the new update for PUBG Mobile version 1.5, which is scheduled to be launched in July 2021, after PUBG Mobile International announced the release date of the new game update and the game also officially announced the start of cooperation with the international company Tesla, and urged players to explore the already developed Tesla factory, adding That the new PUBG update includes many improvements and future features, you can learn about them through these reports.

New pubg mobile update 2021

The official Pubg Mobile website on Twitter announced the new PUBG Mobile update date, which will be used for the 1.5 development version of the game starting from September 7, 2020. It is worth noting that this is also part of Buggy’s passion for continuous development of fighting games, ready to meet all players’ demands for excitement And the thrill.

How to update pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile has also added the prerequisites required to complete the update. For Android and ioc operating systems, it has announced that for the new PUBG Android update, 686MB of space must be freed up on the device. She added that the update for PUBG iPhone should be up to 1,64GB. It should also be noted that the new PUBG Mobile update supports nearly 500 Android devices at the moment.

how to update pubg mobile

The game also shows that the server is not down to update the new PUBG Mobile 1.5 version, it should be noted that the update will not be downloaded automatically because it needs to enter the player’s tablet store, etc.; Google Play for Android, App Store for iPhone, and install the new PUBG Mobile 2021 update on the phone.

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