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New riots in Minneapolis.  Another black man died after police intervened

New riots in Minneapolis. Another black man died after police intervened

In the US city of Minneapolis, shaken by the death of George Floyd last spring, another black man died at the end of the week due to police intervention. American media reported in the northern suburb of the Brooklyn Center, that a police officer shot dead a young man who later announced his death after an accident near a police checkpoint. Then hundreds of people came to the police headquarters to protest.

It all started Sunday at around 14:00 local time (21:00 CEST), when the police stopped the car for allegedly violating road traffic rules. Exactly what followed was not clear less than a day after the accident. However, an official statement indicates that the cameras in the guards’ robes and on their dashboard were triggered during the attack.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Falls wrote on Twitter that he was “closely monitoring the situation” and that the state in the northern United States was “mourning another life of a black man who ended law enforcement.”

According to a police statement, during the search, the police assessed that the driver was the subject of an ongoing investigation. When he tried to arrest the men, he “returned to the car,” the New York Times quoted in the statement. The police added, “One of the officers fired his weapon and hit the driver. Then the car drove away from a few streets before it collided with another vehicle.”

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The authorities did not immediately identify the dead man, and in the evening a forensic doctor was waiting for you. However, a woman arrived at the crash site, said she was the mother of the deceased and was contacted by 20-year-old Don Wright. There was an unnamed woman in the car with him, possibly Wright’s friend, who escaped without serious injury.

The accident occurred about 15 kilometers from downtown Minneapolis, where a closely watched trial is taking place with former police officer and lead representative George Floyd Derek Chauvin. The former police officer, who was photographed last year kneeling on the neck of an unarmed black man for several minutes, is accused of murder and murder, and after two weeks of dismissal, another hearing is scheduled for his trial today.

According to the Associated Press, Minneapolis is experiencing increased tension these days. After the death on Sunday, police checks were quickly followed by fresh protests against police practices, and the rallies were not without riots. A video clip from the crash site, according to the New York Times, showed some protesters jumping on police cars and smashing their windows.

The media and a regional government statement reported that the evening demonstration at Brooklyn Police Station was largely peaceful, but some participants threw bottles or rocks. When people disobeyed the call to disperse, people in heavy clothing used coercive means, including tear gas, He said New York Times Correspondent. Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott announced a curfew by 6 a.m.

The mother of the deceased young man, Katie Wright, had earlier appealed to the authorities to provide more information about her son’s death. She told reporters that she called Dount during a police search. “He said he was stopped because he had an air freshener attached to the rear-view mirror,” she said.

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