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New Twenties appear with Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday, February 25, 2023 / 11:29 am

The love life of Hollywood bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio continues to dominate the interest of the foreign press, while the international star seems to be fueling criticism accusing him of being a “lover of young girls”, after he was spotted in his latest appearance with a new twenty-year-old.

newspaper indicatedsubwayHe pointed out that despite DiCaprio’s recent attempt to remove the accusation of dating young girls from him, after his private sources denied the existence of any relationship with the Israeli young woman, Eden Polani (19 years), who is still a high school student, the paparazzi lenses monitored him with a new twenty-year-old model.

Josie Redmond

In his latest appearance, DiCaprio was spotted leaving the Chiltern Firehouse area in London, at four o’clock in the morning, Wednesday – Thursday, accompanied by model Josie Redmond (21 years), wearing a baseball cap and a face mask, while Josie appeared elegant in all-black clothes.

While the American star and one of the stars of the “Love Island” reality TV show, Maya Gama (28 years), was watched for two consecutive nights, between them participating in the “Bafta” celebrations last weekend. Sources quipped, “Maya’s schedule is very busy at the moment, but she makes time to work hard and play hard.”

Not satisfied however

On the other hand, sources close to Leonardo DiCaprio indicated to the “Daily Mail” that he was “not satisfied with the heavy jokes about his love life,” but rather reached a stage of despair, and hopes regardless of describing him as a lover of women under 25, while he seeks a more mature relationship. And stable.
Leo’s life is full of young models, from Gigi Hadid to Camila Moroni, who separated from her a few weeks after she reached the age of 25, passing through Victoria Lamas (25 years), and recently Polani (19 years), and after them Josie Redmond and Maya Gama. Sources close to the global star certainly commented that whenever two people meet in a public place, or even stay up together for a day or two, they are in a relationship or have something emotional between them.

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