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New Yaris from Kolin, from next year Toyota will be assembled only at the Czech plant

New Yaris from Kolin, from next year Toyota will be assembled only at the Czech plant

Another car to get a Czech-made label, the first Yaris rolled off the assembly line at Toyota’s plant in Cologne on Tuesday, November 9. The company wants to display a bold red striped hybrid in a hall next to the first white Ayga, which was the first Toyota to be built here in 2005. The Yaris is assembled in two places in Europe, plus the Czech Republic is also in France.

Three Ayga in a row, followed by a blue Peugeot 108, a red Yaris and a small Citroën behind for a change. It is assembled on the assembly line at the Cologne factory. So far, the “Cologne triplets” still gather here, i.e. the Toyota Aygo minivans, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, and the newer Yaris are the newcomer to the party. Its production began on Tuesday, November 9, just before noon.

Martin Belichka, CEO of Toyota and Lexus CR, said on the occasion of the start of production. The Yaris is currently the fourth best-selling vehicle in the compact car segment in the Czech Republic and the third best-selling Toyota vehicle.

It has exactly two nationalities in Europe, and it is also created at the French factory near Valenciennes, where it was necessary to make room for the Yaris Cross. Therefore, the demand for Toyota City must be met by manufacturers.

Now, at the start of production, Yaris is expected to account for about a third of its daily production, half later. “Now we assemble approximately 700 to 800 cars per day, and we plan to increase production to 960 to 980 cars per day. A new car leaves the finish line every 67 seconds,” explains Robert Kimmel, director of the Cologne plant. .

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By the end of this year, staff will assemble the last French minivans ordered on the line; From January 2022, Toyota will only leave the Cologne plant. The current Aygo receives a successor, Aygo X. Grandma details I read here.

The Yaris was developed on a new chassis platform and is offered with a conventional internal combustion engine and as a hybrid. “Hybrid cars are in greater demand, and orders confirm that we currently have several hundred. The best-selling version is the mid-range,” Belichka adds.

So far, there are not enough cars produced for the warehouse, but according to Belichka, the interested party will see a new car in about four to five months. “We are currently one of the few brands that are able to guarantee a customer delivery time,” he says. This is due to the fact that many brands are alarmed by the interruption of the supply of semiconductor parts, which is why some models, especially Skoda cars, are expected to take a year or more.

“At our plant, we have secured supplies of chips that will be enough for us to produce cars by the end of the year. But we will see how the situation develops,” admits Kimmel of the Cologne plant.

Four models are currently being assembled on the line, and in addition to the Yaris, there are also Aygo, C1 and 108 city minivans Photo: Toyota

Toyota Cologne Factory one hundred percent
As of January 1 of this year, only the Toyota automaker became the owner of the plant near Ophir. The plant changed its name, instead of TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech) now uses the abbreviation TMMCZ, that is, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic. Thus ends the joint venture with PSA at the plant. Cars have been produced here together since 2005 and 3.8 million cars have been built here during that time.

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However, only Toyota, which still believes in this segment, continues to produce small cars, despite the decline in global interest. Peugeot ends production of the 108 and plans to replace the car with a small crossover, the small C1 also ends and Citroën offers a small electric Ami instead.

Over the past three years, Toyota has invested more than 180 million euros in the expansion of operations in Cologne, or about 4.5 billion kroner, which was used mainly to automate and expand operations.

“It was more difficult than building a new plant in a green field, mainly because you have to organize and do everything in operation. We built several new spare parts warehouses, found new suppliers, hired 1,600 new employees, and since February of this year They offered a three-shift process,” explains Tomasz Paroubec, a spokesperson for the Cologne factory.

Yaris are more complex to manufacture, so staff had to be added to keep the assembly process low. According to Paroubek, they were not at all easy to find, even in connection with the low unemployment.

However, if you want to get this car from the Czech Republic, and not from France, because of patriotism, then it is assumed that Toyota cannot promise you it, it depends on the specifications of the car. “The ordering system cannot recognize this, but we guarantee that the quality of cars produced in France and the Czech Republic is identical,” says Belichka.