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New Year's parties 2022 .. New Year's party schedule 2022 Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Ras al-Khaimah

New Year’s parties 2022 .. New Year’s party schedule 2022 Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Ras al-Khaimah

With the countdown to the beginning of 2022, a number of Arab and foreign artists and singers began announcing the schedule of New Year’s concerts 2022 in many hotels, beaches and museums, amid strict precautionary measures following the outbreak of the Omicron mutant around the world, where New Year’s parties are held amid warnings of the need to adhere to prevention instructions Wearing a mask and taking vaccinations.

And a number of Arab stars in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and Tunisia announced the locations of the 2022 New Year’s parties, the places they will be held, and the dates.

The star, George Wassouf, announced his revival of the New Year’s party in Lebanon, in a post on his account on “Instagram”, commenting: “What has happened, Beirut is in the heart and will remain the center of joy and vigil… I will be with you on New Year’s Eve in Lebanon at the Royal Hotel, Munshar while respecting safety standards.

As for the Egyptian star Amr Diab, he chose Dubai, to celebrate with his fans the reception of the New Year 2022 at Namous Restaurant in Dubai, by referring to this ceremony through the “Story” feature of his account on “Instagram”.
Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi also stated that he will celebrate the New Year in the Emirates, where he published the poster of the ceremony, through his account on “Instagram”, commenting: “We welcome the new year 2022 with love and optimism for more beautiful days and greater successes… with our loved ones, and from our dear capital Abu Dhabi .. The capital celebrates the New Year on the island of Maria.
For his part, the Lebanese artist, Assi El-Hellani, announced his concert, which is scheduled to be held in Amman, through his account on “Instagram”, and the concert will be held on December 31.

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As for Ramy Ayach and Nancy Ajram, they decided to welcome the New Year at the Tulip El Galala Hotel in Ain Sukhna, Egypt, by putting up posters for the ceremony, through their official accounts on the “Instagram” website.
The Lebanese star, Ragheb Alama, is scheduled to welcome the new year with a party in Houston, USA, scheduled for December 31.

As for the Egyptian star, Angham, she revealed the largest concert to celebrate the New Year, by publishing the poster for the Riyadh Season concert, which includes 13 singers and singers from the top stars of the Arab world, through her account on “Instagram”, commenting: “Imagine Riyadh on New Year’s Eve And all these stars celebrate with you in the Riyadh season every year and you are good.”

13 male and female singers will participate in the ceremony, led by the artist Mohammed Abdo, Abadi Al-Jawhar, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, Majed Al-Muhandis, Nabil Shuail, Angham, Aseel Abu Bakr, Ali bin Mohammed, Fahd Al-Kubaisi, and Asma Lamnawar. The Lebanese star, Wael Kfoury, and the Iraqi, Rahma Riad, chose Turkey to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, and it is scheduled to be held on December 29.
The Egyptian artist, Ramy Sabry, announced his concert, which will be held at the Ras Al Khaimah Exhibition Center, and the artist Aseel Hamim will participate, through his account on “Instagram”.

Meanwhile, artist Nassif Zeytoun will perform a concert within the activities of the Arena Festival in Dubai, on December 31, according to the concert poster, which he published on his official account on the “Instagram” website.
As for the Lebanese star, Nawal Al Zoghbi, she will receive the New Year in the US state of Detroit, through a concert that will be held on December 31.

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In turn, the artist, Yara, longed her fans for her concert, which is scheduled to be held in the Dubai Festival City Mall in the Emirates, by publishing the poster of the concert, and inviting her fans to celebrate with her the beginning of the new year, while the artist Nabil Seif announced the concert, which will be combined with the artist Melhem Zain and Hatem. Iraqi, which will be held in the Hilton Beirut.

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Hamaki, stated that he will hold his concert in Ain Sukhna, on December 31, according to the concert poster, which he published on his official account on “Instagram”.