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News and Analysis – United Kingdom between Rishi Sunak and Hamza Yusuf

The arrival of Hamza Yusuf was an exceptional moment, the first Muslim to lead a major party in Scotland, and the first Muslim and immigrant from an ethnic minority to lead a government in a European country.

The event came after Rishi Sunak, a Hindu, assumed a historic precedent as Prime Minister of the UK government, and it prompted the new Scottish first minister to boast: “The color of skin or the color of religion is no barrier. We all call this country home.”

The arrival of these two politicians has proved the epitome of the dream of the new generation coming from diversity to reach big positions through hard work.

The irony of fate is that England, the successor to the British Empire that never set, partitioned India after the end of colonialism. It is noteworthy that in the face of Hamza Yusuf’s independent course, Rishi Sunak showed his caution by welcoming his colleague and willing to co-operate with him. and London, and winked at Yusuf’s channel, saying, “Scots are waiting for someone to solve their current problems and help them deal with the high cost of living.

Coming nearly two years after Labor candidate Sadiq Khan won the London mayoral election, Sunak and Youssef’s emergence is notable, ahead of other successes by second- or third-generation children of immigrants. For the second time in a row, he is the first Muslim in British history to hold this position.

Apart from Rishi Sunak, two of his senior ministers are children of immigrants: Mauritius’ Home Minister Zoila Braverman and Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister James Smart.

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Other figures from the conservative party include: Kimi Badnoosh of Nigerian origin and Nadeem al-Zahavi of Pakistani origin.

Many of these examples point to a major change in British political life, but this does not mean that racism does not exist in England or Scotland. However, the development of majority society allowed children of immigrants to rise to leadership positions

However, we undoubtedly end up with the difference and contradiction between France and the United Kingdom, because it is difficult to expect one of the children or grandchildren of immigrants to reach positions like Sunak and Youssef.