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news | Arteta: We performed amazingly against United…and we deserved to win

Arteta: We performed amazingly against United…and we deserved to win

9 hours ago

League Plus – Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta expressed his happiness at his team’s deadly victory over Manchester United yesterday in the English Premier League championship.

The Gunners defeated Manchester United, 3-2, in the twenty-first round of the Premier League.

Arteta said in a press statement after the match: “There is a lot of passion and passion, you cannot get much better than that, especially the second half, the performance was amazing.”

He added, “We were coherent and firm at the same time. We never panicked. We always believed that we could win it. We showed our composure in the penalty area many times, but the ball did not enter, but in the end it did.”

Regarding receiving a yellow card for objecting to one of the referee’s decisions, Arteta said: “You can’t complain, you can always get better in your life.”

And about waiting for the video technology to confirm the validity of the fatal winning goal in the 90th minute, Arteta said: “We went through something similar against Newcastle, but today it went our way.”

And he added, “I was not sure about Nketiah’s goal. They were looking at something that we did not see and we felt very comfortable after it was counted. We celebrated twice.”

And he continued: “I do not want to talk about a specific individual, we took the ball and made things happen, they are young but they are confident in doing so, what we have achieved in the season so far is wonderful, we deserve what we are because of the way we play, but there are a lot of things we can do.” do it better.”

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And he continued, “We have been talking about pressure in the last 12 or 13 games. Premier League teams will always make it difficult and we have to prepare for that.”

On the importance of transfers, the Spaniard explained: “Only in terms of numbers we had 15 or 16 players off the field and it was not enough.