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news |  Laporta: Lewandowski agreed to a lower salary for Barcelona

news | Laporta: Lewandowski agreed to a lower salary for Barcelona

Laporta: Lewandowski agreed to a lower salary for Barcelona

1 hour ago

League Plus – Barcelona club president Joan Laporta spoke about the deal for Polish star Robert Lewandowski, after it was officially settled by Bayern Munich.

Barcelona had managed to reach an agreement with Bayern Munich to win the services of Lewandowski, and the latter arrived in Miami yesterday to join the Blaugrana camp.

Laporta said in his interview with the Spanish “TUDN” network: “We have seen that Barcelona needs a striker who scores goals, he is a goal-scoring machine, this player achieves the Golden Boot in Europe, if you look at his track record, he guarantees goals and every team needs a scorer who guarantees goals.” “.

He added: “We competed with clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea and he wanted to come to Barcelona and this is what I like. order and his salary and he agreed to come here, we can be very satisfied.”

He continued: “He is a great player and a wonderful person, he has some agents who defended a contract with certain conditions, and here we stood firm, today Barcelona will never make the mistakes of the recent past, and we will act according to the standards of wisdom and sustainability, we will not have the player who does not adapt in our ranks.”

And he added: “Dembele had another contract that did not fit our salary structure, he always wanted to stay, but his agents worked to preserve the previous contract, we wanted to resolve the situation in the winter, but it could not happen, we had to wait for The contract is terminated, and since the player wants to succeed at Barcelona, ​​he would have liked to be more successful, to win more and he would help us a lot.”

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He stressed: “The players have a hungry profile, we try to give them a better environment, and this will give a lot of performance, in terms of presentation and results, we are making this team so that the Catalan team has a good time.”