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News of the imminent return of Najat Al Saghira to sing

News of the imminent return of Najat Al Saghira to sing

News of the imminent return of Najat Al Saghira to sing

An Egyptian composer confirmed the preparation of new songs for her

Thursday – 24 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1443 AH – 23 June 2022 AD

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Cairo: Intisar Dardir

Since the release of her last song “Kol El Kalam” four years ago, news has been reported from time to time about the return of the great Egyptian artist, Najat Al Saghira to sing.
The composer Sami Al-Hefnawi announced, in press statements, that “Najat will soon return to sing with five new works whose recording has been completed,” stressing that the date for its release has not been settled yet. » From his compositions, the distribution of Yahya Al-Muji and the words of the poet Safwat Zeinhom, and Najat had announced, last year, during an intervention with the media Amr Adib on MBC Egypt, that she did not quit singing and indicated her desire to return.
While Najat announced her retirement from singing in 2002, but she retracted this decision and returned with the song “Kol Kalam” written by the great poet Abdel Rahman Al-Abnoudi and composed by Talal, and her voice and performance appeared in full brilliance. The song is a cinematic tape directed by Hani Lashin, based on previous clips of her musical films.
In turn, musician Helmy Bakr ruled out that the songs with which Najat will return to the singing scene have been recently recorded, and he said, in statements to “Al-Sharq al-Awsat”, that these songs were recorded a long time ago, because the singer’s voice is affected with his age, and that a woman Arab singer Umm Kulthum was the oldest singer to sing on stage when she performed the poem “Al Atlal” at the age of 75, adding that every singer has songs that he records and may not appear at the time, citing the example of the singer Mayada Al Hanawi, who recorded eight songs for many years with the producer Mohsen Jaber and did not see The light so far, and Bakr said that the emergence of songs for Najat at the present time reminds us of the generation of great giants at a time when we lose hope in the Egyptian song. Then she became independent in her own color and presented about 200 songs, during which she collaborated with great poets and musicians such as Nizar Qabbani, Hussein El-Sayed, Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, and Kamal Al-Taweel. She also starred in 13 musical films. She is the half-sister of the late artist Soad Hosni.


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