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News that will make you happy. The problem of the new update in the Snapchat application has been resolved

This time is witnessing multiple updates in various Google Play applications, especially instant messaging applications, as technological development may seek to achieve the digital transformation that companies and technology experts seek, as the recent update of the Snapchat application included the problem of its sudden exit from the application as soon as it was opened and activated, and this update resulted Many complaints by its users, and the application indicated that the application was not updated at the present time as a temporary solution to the problem of the new update in the Snapchat application, as it stops working after downloading the Snap update, and through this article we explain to all our followers the suggestions provided to solve the problem.

Solve the problem of the new update in the Snapchat app

Suggestions to solve the problem of the Snapchat application:

Technology and modern technology experts have warned all users of instant messaging and chat applications against downloading the new update from the Snapchat application, and indicated the possibility of overcoming the problem for those who suffer from application failure, and he announced that the application crashes and how the solution is simple through the following:

  1. First, download the TestFlight app from the Google Play Store or Apple Apps.
  2. Second, download the trial version of the Snapchat app.

And we mention through this article that the current version of Snapchat is the trial version through which the application can be checked, and the application indicated that it is not a final version, but it can be used at the present time as long as it fulfills its main purpose, in addition to that this version continues until the bug is fixed By the company that owns the application and then re-download the new update again after avoiding the problems.

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Solve the problem of the new update in the Snapchat app

Snap app:

The Snapsat application represents one of the most popular applications by users to do broadcasting and recording, and through it, you can also share and place picture messages, including the Bobby or iMovie sticker, in addition to the ability to take pictures, record videos, add text and graphics, and send them to the control list of recipients . These photos and videos sent are known as “snaps” or “snaps”.

Spotlight Technology:

Earlier, Snapchat launched the “Spot Lite” technology, adapted from “Tik Tok”, which allows users to earn one million dollars per day, and the technical experts in the Snap application announced that it allows sharing short videos or stories with friends to become available for viewing by all users of the application and earn more Followers, and Snapchat promised to provide rewards of up to one million dollars per day, to increase the popularity of this technology, and after the emergence of malfunctions and the sudden exit from the application, experts advised not to update the Snapchat application now, as he said, “Snapchat does not happen.”