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صحيفة: بريطانيا تتطلع لتوجيه التجارة لأوروبا عبر موانئ غير فرنسية

Newspaper: Britain directs trade to Europe through non-French ports

According to the British newspaper “Express”, the UK government now wants to divert its trade with Europe through non-French ports as it seeks alternatives to the bustling trade route (Dover-Calais, which connects Britain to Europe via France), cuts off energy supplies and tests cargo after French threats ..

The newspaper points out that the British Transport Minister is now exploring the possibility of using direct trade between Britain and Europe via the Dutch, using the port of Immingham in Grimsby, within the Grand Shops and risk mitigation strategies in the UK. His country is reconsidering its use of the Dover-Gallas route, which connects Britain to Europe via the ports of Belgium and Scandinavia..

French authorities seized the British fishing vessel “Cornelis Kirt Jean” last week, while threatening to increase tariffs on goods and reduce energy supplies to the United Kingdom..

After talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron sought to soften the rhetoric on UK-French relations and backtracked on a number of actions..

It is hoped that the two sides will resolve issues related to fisheries and parts of the Brexit agreement..

A source in the UK government welcomed the mitigation of the French government’s expansion, but warned against taking action under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

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