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Newspaper: Differences among the American negotiating team over the way to deal with Iran and its nuclear file

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The American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” quoted informed sources that there are differences in the ranks of the American negotiating team in Vienna regarding the way to deal with Iran and its nuclear file.

and . clarified newspaper “With the nuclear deal talks reaching a critical stage, differences emerged within the US negotiating team over how to deal with Tehran and the timing of withdrawing from the talks,” according to people familiar with the negotiations.

US officials confirmed to the newspaper that Richard Nephew, the deputy special envoy for Iran and known as the “architect” of previous economic sanctions against Iran, had left the team.

The officials said Neveu Kahn had called for a tougher stance in the current negotiations, and had not attended the talks in the Austrian capital since early December.

The sources also said that two other members of the negotiating team, led by veteran State Department Robert Malley, withdrew from the talks because they also wanted a tougher negotiating position toward Tehran.

Sources familiar with the negotiations pointed out that among the issues that divided the team were “the extent of the firmness in enforcing the current sanctions, and whether the negotiations should be halted at the same time as Iran prolongs them while its nuclear program advances.”

Since April 2021, Vienna has been hosting negotiations under the auspices of the European Union to save the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in light of the United States’ withdrawal from it in 2018 during the term of its former president, Donald Trump, who imposed painful sanctions on the Iranian side, and the latter responded by reducing its commitments to the deal since 2019.

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Officially negotiations are taking place between Iran on one side and Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany on the other, while the United States is participating in the dialogue without engaging in any direct contacts with the Iranian side.

Source: “The Wall Street Journal” + RT